the Podcast

The True Union podcast invites you into the discipling friendship of Brian and Ben, co-founders of True Union Ministries, as they discuss life in union with Jesus. How do you cope with feelings of same-sex attraction and remain obedient to God? What is God’s plan for the single Christian? What if marriage is where He leads you? How do you “deny self, take up your cross, and follow Jesus”?

For a few years now, we’ve been meeting weekly to talk about these and other topics, praying together, encouraging and challenging each other, and experiencing nothing less than spiritual revival. ID Discipleship began as a ministry in our local church to share this exciting journey with other men. The result was a beautiful, holy fellowship that inspired and encouraged our whole church.

Through the True Union podcast, we hope to reach out to brothers and sisters around the world with the hope that in Jesus, we can find the intimacy of true union that we all desire. He who loves us and delights in us is the only one who can satisfy the empty heart and help us become who we were created to be. True Union is for the believer, gay or straight, who wants to fix their eyes on Jesus and grow in love with Him.

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