ID Discipleship Leader’s Kit

We’ve compiled a kit of helpful resources to support your ID Discipleship group. To request this free download, please use the form below.

The ID Leader’s Kit contains:

  • Interview guide: We recommend that you interview individuals who are interested in joining your ID group to determine where they are in their journey before bringing them into community with others who struggle with the same things. Have they made a decision to follow Christ? What do they believe about the Bible’s teaching on sex and marriage? How do they identify themselves–is their identity in Christ or is it in their sexual orientation? Are they surrendered and obedient to Christ in their personal lives, especially where sexual practice is concerned? Some may not be ready for your ID group but may need personal, one-on-one discipleship first. (See ID Groups for more information on how to know if someone is ready to participate.)
  • Member covenant: It is important to establish expectations with those who join your ID group. ID is an intimate community, meeting not just for fellowship but for confession and accountability, for intercessory prayer, for encouragement and sometimes for correction. Members should be committed to the goals and purpose of the group and to the spiritual welfare of their brothers and sisters. We recommend that members covenant together to help each other pursue Jesus.
  • Sample meeting agenda: It always helps to have a plan before you meet. There is no “one way” to lead an ID group, but we’ve found some good basic practices that keep meetings Christ-centered and fruitful. 
  • Suggested studies (coming soon): What will your ID group study? We will provide recommendations for your group studies along with sample questions you can use to facilitate discussion.

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